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What Would Miss Cleo Say?

The good state of Florida is pressing charges against a psychic and her family.  For what, you ask?  Excessive broad statements that could apply to 90% of humans?  Nope.  Offensive decor and ubiquitous scented gizmos?  Oh, no.  For bilking money out of clients.  That’s right.  Confused?  So am I.

My rudimentary understanding of the “psychic experience”, if you will, is that it involves the client giving money to the (often) questionably costumed psychic.  In exchange, the client receives a monologue of sorts, often the bulk of which consists of broad statements issued to achieve credibility (ex. “Oh my G-d, there IS someone in my past!!!!!!)  After the intense rapport has been established, the psychic moves on to the prediction phase of things (I’m guessing.)

Now I’m no district attorney, but I would think that if any crime has been committed it might be in the success rate of the predictions, no?  Alas no.  Florida is aggrieved by the amount of money the psychic was paid.  Evidently there is a secret rate chart for psychics?  Probably not.  But then how in the world does one determine how much is too much to charge or pay for psychic services?

Personally that sum is equal to what I would pay to engage in gambling.  But how in the world does a state decide when the fun stops and the deceit starts?  A state, which is arguably most famous for bringing us the “happiest place on earth” no less.


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