The Uncle Junior Defense

20 Aug
Schadenfreude aside, it’s hard not to be somewhat mesmerized by the Murdoch debacle.  Media is a religion for this family.  Manipulating the story and being the story seems to be their raison d’etre.  Just weeks before this story broke, and people “resigned” both the Murdoch family and Mrs. Murdoch III, had lavish puffy stories (with tons of ink and tons of glam photos) in posh magazines.  Much was made  of Rupert edging his son towards competency with the impending Sky television deal (think: Time Warner.)  He seemed to be pulling the strings just so, to make it appear that James was in fact a good business person.Now fast forward.  A week.  I have only watched mere seconds of the questioning, but what I have seen makes me wonder if Rupert is trying to set the stage for an Uncle June defense.  Seeming flustered when questioned  and in need of rescue, this 80 year old mogul is giving the impression of being frail.  I’m not saying a pie prank was staged, but if it had been, it certainly would make sense.If in fact, during the span of two weeks, Rupert has become terribly terribly unwell, I am sorry.  But if, as I suspect, he may be headed for the Uncle June defense, I have to ask: as a media mogul, shouldn’t he know that other people have watched the Sopranos too?

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